Connecting community

At Lions Club District 201V5, we’re always thinking about giving back to the community and enriching lives across our district so our service clubs can deliver on our motto, “We Serve.”

We build, grow and share our resources through educational programs and fundraising for the community as volunteers and make connections to help improve the lives of others.

Our volunteers in the service clubs are connected by the drive to support a project or community that gives back and helps those that need it. As one of the smallest districts across Australia, we are quick to make a big impact on the community we serve.

Lions Club District 201v5
Lions Club District 201v5

Celebrating 75 years

Helping the community

For 75 years, Lions has been proudly creating solid connections with the community and transforming the lives of others through fundraising and programs.

As we celebrate our Anniversary in September 2022, we reflect on how we have grown and always look for a way to do what a lion does best – creating impact.


Serving communities

As we cultivate awareness, we build, grow and launch initiatives that create opportunities for communities and help them thrive, especially during difficult times.

As part of the greater narrative, our service clubs effectively cultivate awareness and deliver measurable support locally, regionally and worldwide. 

Two of our primary causes include giving our time, fundraising and ideas to the 123Read2Me project and Core Blood Foundation, enabling children to thrive through their hardships.

Lions Club District 201v5